6 Benefits of Geofencing Software for Field Sales

Geofencing software is a powerful tool that can help businesses optimize and supercharge their field sales. By leveraging Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio frequency identification (RFID), geofencing software sets virtual boundaries around specific areas and sends alerts when a device enters or exits it.

Setting up virtual geofences around specific geographical areas helps businesses gain valuable insights into sales team activities, customer visits, and prospecting efforts. Geofencing software offers real-time location tracking, helps optimize sales routes, and enhances communication between sales representatives and managers.

Let’s explore the benefits of geofencing software and how organizations can use it to boost sales productivity and accelerate lead conversions.

Key Benefits of Geofencing Software For Field Sales

6 Benefits of Geofencing Software for Field Sales

1. Real-Time Sales Team Tracking

Geofencing software provides real-time location tracking of sales representatives, allowing sales managers to monitor their daily activities and progress. This helps them measure individual sales rep productivity, monitor their performance, and identify areas for improvement. Sales managers can get alerts and notifications if a field sales executive moves away from their defined geographic area.

2. Streamline Sales Territory Management

One of the biggest challenges for field sales teams is managing and optimizing their territories. Businesses can effectively divide, refine, and tweak sales territories and assign them to field sales reps based on location with geospatial analytics software. This helps sales managers optimize resources and balance workload among the sales team. It can further help enhance the territory mapping of sales reps to improve lead actioning,increase overall sales productivity and have optimal sales coverage.

3. Get Ahead of Competition

Retail stores and quick service restaurants (QSR) can create a geofence around high-potential areas, such as city hubs, universities, or business districts. They can create a geofence around their competitor’s physical location or relevant events to gain insights into customer footfall and activities. 

By leveraging this data, companies can send discounts or coupon notifications to attract customers and drive footfall. Marketers can get real-time alerts whenever potential customers enter or exit those locations. This information provides valuable insights into competitor strategies, allowing sales teams to realign their business approach.

4. Targeted Marketing and Personalization

Marketers can send potential customers personalized offers, promotions, and notifications within geofenced boundaries. This level of precision allows field sales representatives to tailor their messages and offerings to a highly relevant audience.

 A report by CMO reveals that 52% of global marketing budgets are spent on location-based marketing, mainly led by the North American markets. Moreover, personalized marketing campaigns help build stronger customer relationships, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

5. Geolocation Insights and Analytics

Geofencing software offers valuable geolocation insights and analytics that enables business leaders to make data-driven decisions. Marketers can track the movement patterns of potential customers within geofenced areas, identify peak visiting hours, and analyze customer behavior trends. These insights help optimize sales strategies, allocate resources effectively, and identify new business opportunities.

6. Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement

Boost customer engagement with your customers with geofencing in marketing. Targeting relevant offers and promotions to the right customers increases the chances of audience engagement with your brand. This enhances brand advocacy and loyalty. At the same time, building brand awareness by leveraging geofencing-based marketing is crucial to reach your customers first.

Reach Your Customers First

From targeted marketing to better customer engagement, geofencing helps sales leaders with valuable insights to boost sales. Gain competitive edge, increase customer engagement, and drive sales growth with a robust geofencing software. Get in touch with us to know about our AI-powered geospatial analysis software.