Dista Zenith Awards 2022 – DISTANs Shine at the Maiden Rewards and Recognition Ceremony

We recently presented the maiden Dista Zenith Awards 2022 to reward the talent and outstanding contribution of DISTANs who went above and beyond their call of duty to display exemplary performance. The Zenith Awards 2022 are spread across multiple categories and functions like engineering, mobility, technology, and more.

The Nominations

In the first phase, DISTANs played a crucial role in nominating their colleagues who they thought were deserving of various award categories. Several DISTANs were nominated for multiple awards, and the jury was impressed to see the large volume of nominations. Categories like Workmate of the Year and Coach of the Year had the most nominations, which is a testament to Dista’s culture of being a workplace that encourages mentoring and focuses on individual growth.

The jury decided to have multiple winners in a single category, as the volume of nominations was overwhelming. It was arduous for the jury to select the winners as DISTANs have displayed tremendous performance and a great learning attitude. They ensured the nominees were evaluated based on a range of criteria and monitored under a fair lens.

Shishir Gokhale, CEO and Co-founder, Dista said, “We went through several rounds of iterations to decide the structure of the Dista Zenith Awards 2022 and select the winners. These awards celebrate DISTANs who have displayed exemplary performance in their domain and contributed to Dista’s growth trajectory. The leadership team believes in celebrating the people of Dista and appreciates their commitment and dedication. Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!”

The Winners!

Dista Zenith Awards 2022

Arun Shinde

Mrinmayi Matekar

Akshay Singhal​

Rupesh Chavan​

Hitesh Dholkiya​

Shubham Bakshi​

Bhalchandra Bhusse​

Ajay Nimbalkar​

Rahul Srivastava​

Ranjeet Singh​

Mayur Pardeshi​

Sumit Kadam​

Aieshwarya Raskar​

Mayank Omar​

Varsha Desai​

Himanshu Chowdhary​

Siddharth Pawar​

Saahil Gokhale​

Soham Inamdar​

Tejas Kanada​

Kaushal Raykar​

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!