How Dista Helps With Effective Territory Planning

An effective sales and service territory planning software is instrumental in helping enterprises control operational costs, improve resource efficiency, boost customer coverage, and more. It provides a framework to measure area-wise sales potential and focus on the team’s productivity. 

What is Territory Planning?

Territory management defines, organizes, and manages areas that sales and service representatives are responsible for targeting. Territories are typically clustered based on different parameters like geography, industry, customer potential, and more.

Challenges in Territory Planning

Unbalanced territory planning can affect productivity and also increase operational costs. Here are some key challenges businesses need to combat to improve territory performance.

  • Sticking to traditional geographical boundaries 
  • Inefficient fleet and resource management
  • High costs of customer service
  • Overlapping of areas
  • Balancing workload of sales reps
  • Territory assignments unaligned with corporate objectives
  • Unwanted gaps between territories

Why is Territory Management Important?

A robust territory mapping management system helps with better visualization of territories to find the right business opportunities. It offers crucial data-driven insights that help to unlock valuable leads, improve resource planning, and monitor operations in real-time. 

By leveraging territory management, businesses can:

  • Improve field travel to increase the number of visits per trip
  • Focus and nurture key high-value accounts 
  • Identify gaps and continually optimize

Dista’s territory planning software helps define and refine operations by leveraging territory analytics to expand customer coverage.

Dista’s Territory Management Features

Ignoring location while structuring sales and service territory planning can hamper productivity and operational efficiencies and result in higher costs. Dista’s sales territory mapping software helps you balance, design, and accelerate territory planning with the power of location intelligence.

Here are the key features of Dista’s territory mapping software.

1) Area Categorization

Organizations can leverage data-driven insights to categorize areas based on multiple parameters. A deep area gap analysis helps customers grow their business and reduce overlapping territories.

2) Territory Performance

Dista’s territory management software provides detailed insights into which territories perform better – and why. Businesses can measure, monitor, and compare performance across multiple territories to make informed decisions. Our system enables decision-makers to visualize data on maps to find opportunities for improvement.

3) Territory Alignment

Define and align territories as per organizational priorities. Dista’s territory mapping system helps organizations perform what-if analysis to find optimal territory reassignment.

4) Lead Area Definition

The system facilitates zip code mapping and manual plotting to define lead areas. It helps in optimal resource planning and decongestion management.

5) Sales and Service Optimization

Optimize resources by mapping them to territories. Streamline their daily tasks and expand geographical coverage. Categorize areas with potential revenue and customers.

Benefits of Dista’s Territory Management Software

Territory management is crucial for businesses to cover their territories more strategically and efficiently and achieve targets. Here are the key advantages of territory management.

1) Reduce Operational Costs

Map customers and territories to optimize your operating costs by right-sizing your field resources and enhancing the coverage. Reduce driving time for your field agents and empower them to spend more time on completing their tasks.

2) Better Resource Management

Distribute and assign balanced workloads to field reps depending on territories. Leverage our territory management system to compare workloads and design territories to ensure they work at full capacity and do not overlap with each other’s territories.

3) Deeper Insights into Territory Performance

Mapping territories enables quick and accurate analysis and measurement of individual territory performance via several analytics and reports.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging intelligent sales territory management software like Dista can help you measure your territory performance, expand your customer coverage, and boost overall operational efficiency.