Dista Zenith Awards 2023: DISTANs Celebrate a Night of Glitz, Awards, and Success

Milestones and success are not just achieved; they are meant to be celebrated with zest and grandeur. That’s what we did at the Dista Zenith Awards 2023. Our annual rewards and recognition ceremony perfectly blended glitz, entertainment, and heartfelt recognition. The award ceremony was extra special for DISTANs as they could share it in the warm embrace of their family, friends, children, and loved ones. 

Let’s delve into the key highlights of the fantastic night.

Keynote by the CEO

Shishir Gokhale, CEO and Co-founder, welcomed the guests giving a glimpse of our achievements as a company in the last year. He reflected on our growth and achievements and took the guests through our journey since inception. This helped our extended Dista family know more about the company’s vision, mission, and culture. He thanked DISTANs for their relentless effort and commitment to helping Dista reach new heights.

DISTANs Set the Stage on Fire

DISTANs wowed us with a series of stunning musical and dance performances. From grooving on funky Bollywood numbers to showcasing a classical jugalbandi between tabla, Djembe, and harmonium, DISTANs enthralled audiences with their stellar performances. One of the event’s highlights was a fun skit performed by the DISTANs and the leadership team that cleverly displayed a typical behind the scene project lifecycle that starts with a customer requirement and ends with a successful delivery and a happy customer. Seeing the executive team perform with fellow DISTANs and embrace the lighter side of success was a fantastic surprise.

Awards Galore!

The night’s highlight was the awards ceremony, an opportunity to recognize and appreciate our employees’ exceptional contributions. DISTANs and their loved ones awaited the announcement of award winners. The Zenith Awards are spread across multiple categories and functions like engineering, mobility, technology, testing, and others. A total of 29 awards were presented to DISTANs for their exemplary work and outstanding achievements throughout the year. Family and friends celebrated the winners with thunderous applause and heartfelt cheers. 

Shishir Gokhale, saidThe Dista Zenith Awards celebrates the remarkable achievements of our employees and the unwavering support of their families and friends. DISTANs are the driving force behind our accomplishments, and their dedication and talent continue to inspire us. I congratulate the winners and thank our employees and their families for being integral to our Dista family.

The event concluded with a delicious dinner and sumptuous desserts. We celebrated excellence, strengthened bonds, and created memories at the Zenith Awards 2023.

The Winners!

Dista Zenith Awards 2023

SOC2 Team - Dista Zenith Awards 2023

SOC2 Team (Team of the Year)

Akshay Singhal - Distan of the Year

Akshay Singhal

Amit Tambade - Technologist of the Year

Amit Tambade

Rohit Bansal - Technologist of the Year

Rohit Bansal

Asmita Shingan - Workmate of the Year

Asmita Shingan

Komal Dhadge - Workmate of the Year

Komal Dhadge

Rajat Lutade - Workmate of the Year

Rajat Lutade

Suresh Jadhav - Workmate of the Year

Suresh Jadhav

Vishakha Modak - Workmate of the Year

Vishakha Modak

Anchal Agarwal - Customer Champion of the Year

Anchal Agarwal

Shivani Ranjan - Customer Champion of the Year

Shivani Ranjan

Swapnil Pawar - Customer Champion of the Year

Swapnil Pawar

Vikrant Joshi - Customer Champion of the Year

Vikrant Joshi

Ashwed Jiragi - Rising Star of the Year

Ashwed Jiragi

Mayuresh Takawane - Rising Star of the Year

Mayuresh Takawane

Ninad Sonkamble - Rising Star of the Year

Ninad Sonkamble

Pratik Kate - Rising Star of the Year

Pratik Kate

Saahil Gokhale - Rising Star of the Year

Saahil Gokhale

Aanand Mhaske - Rookie of the Year

Aanand Mhaske

Amol Kole - Rookie of the Year

Amol Kole

Dadarao Kadam - Rookie of the Year

Dadarao Kadam

Kunal Thopte - Rookie of the Year

Kunal Thopte

Omkar Nare - Rookie of the Year

Omkar Nare

Prasad Patil - Rookie of the Year

Prasad Patil

Rohit Palkar - Rookie of the Year

Rohit Palkar

Sagar Gaur - Rookie of the Year

Sagar Gaur

Sanchit Pathak - Rookie of the Year

Sanchit Pathak

Sanket Gandhe - Rookie of the Year

Sanket Gandhe

Shubham Shendge - Rookie of the Year

Shubham Shendge