Design, Manage, and Scale Territories to Boost Business

Unlock Sales Efficiency with Effective Territory Planning

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    Optimize Territory and Operations Management

    With Dista’s geospatial analytics software, businesses can perform service and sales territory planning to optimize operational costs, enhance resource efficiency and utilization, and boost customer coverage.

    Identify Coverage Gaps

    Leverage Dista’s spatial analytics software for better map visualization of territories to identify gaps and find business opportunities. Manage complex territories and minimize overlapping between them with intelligent, actionable insights on their performance.

    Data-driven Insights

    Get valuable insights into territory performance and activities of each territory. Our system offers deeper insight over time as you capture more data. Measure and compare performance across multiple territories to refine strategies.

    Sales Coverage Optimization

    Map and assign sales resources to territories by area and zip code to balance the workload to optimize coverage and drive maximum sales performance. Categorize areas with potential to revenue, customer, and more.

    Consumer Packaged Goods Major Improves Sales Territory Planning with Dista Insight
    Smarter Decisions to Drive Growth

    Dista’s territory management software offers AI/ML-based algorithmic analysis to arrive at trends and patterns. Boost sales rep productivity and action insights through seamless integrations. 

    Data visualization

    Our system offers map-based visualization of territory performance by revenue, sales agent coverage, etc. Leverage our patent-pending algorithm to ingest, analyze, and visualize data related to your customer locations, sales territories, agent mapping, POI data, and other factors.

    Resource Planning

    Get a bird’s eye view of your field force and business territories. Balance territory and streamline resource planning, avoid overloading and under utilization of agents. Enable agents to cover more markets and combine current areas with existing clusters factoring in multiple parameters like sales revenue, proximity, location, and more.

    Leading Pizza Chain Increases Customer Coverage and Deliveries With Dista
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    How Dista Helps With Effective Territory Planning

    How Dista Helps With Effective Territory Planning

    How Dista Helps With Territory and Operations Management

    How Dista Helps With Territory and Operations Management

    Feature Overview: Positive and Negative Areas

    Feature Overview: Positive and Negative Areas