How Dista Helps With Territory and Operations Management

Our location intelligence platform helps many businesses from different industries streamline territory and operations management. By leveraging crucial data, our robust system maps out areas that are serviceable and non-serviceable. The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based platform leverages data which is fed into our sales system and performs area planning for a territory and operations management.

A business can have a perfect location in a promising market; however, choosing the incorrect site at that location can significantly hamper the branch’s performance. A location determines how well you can serve that market by leveraging the natural consumer shopping patterns. Meanwhile, the site quality determines how visible and accessible you are to those people.

How Does Dista Help?

Banks, restaurants, or retail outlets must find the perfect location to open a new branch. Choosing an unfavorable location site can significantly impact its performance. Our smart system clusters customer locations in a defined radius. This helps to understand the customer demographic before opening a new store, outlet, or branch.

Market Analytics

We offer advanced market analytics like consumer footfall, economic, demographic, spending potential, area type, and more to help make strategic decisions regarding business expansion. It is crucial to analyze branches according to their performance in order to decide product offerings and plan marketing campaigns. This analysis serves as the foundation for optimizing your branch network and evaluating potential new branch locations.

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How Dista Helps With Territory and Operations Management

1) Area Analysis

Our software tracks market development, unserviced areas, and competition. It also provides gap analysis and recommends new sites to relocate or launch new branches to improve penetration, tap new consumers, and enhance service offerings.

2) Grid Management

Dista also provides automatic grid creation from a central point based either on time or distance. It defines a delivery grid based on coverage (travel time) with variables like time of day, location, real-time traffic, road deviations, and more.

3) Better Marketing

Improve customer experience with geo-targeted schemes and demand-driven staffing by map-based visualization for footfalls, customer experience, customer churn, conversion rates, dwell times for retail banking networks.

4) Map Multiple Sites to Optimize Market Coverage

Factors like other outlets, branches, stores, direct competitors, traffic patterns, social demographics, population density, etc., play a vital role in impacting the profitability of a store location. Our platform offers store network optimization while deciding :

  • Which stores, branches, or outlets to be closed or consolidated

  • Determining a new store location

  • How many stores to open in an existing market

  • Where you should expand your network