Streamline Your Supply Chain with Real-time Visibility

Achieve Operational Excellence and Reduce Logistics Costs with Dista's RTTV Solution

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    End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

    Get actionable insights and a transparent view on real-time shipment movement, reduce demurrage and detention fees, and improve strategic decisions with our Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform (RTTVP).

    Real-time Data Access

    Get access to information about your shipments' location and condition data in real-time to ensure on-time and complete delivery. Live data related to dock and port congestion helps decide which ports to dock at and which to avoid.

    Detect Shipping Delays

    The system detects delays at border control, onboarding ships, or a bottleneck while unloading and reloading containers. By understanding the cause of slowdowns and delays, shippers can select different ships and adjust the route to avoid bottlenecks.

    Reduce Demurrage Costs

    Leveraging a seamless tracking system that is equipped to predict delays at ports leads to efficient supply chain management. Dista's RTTVP has proven to save organizations money on fees and reduced the overall number of detention requests for ships.

    End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility
    Dista streamlines workforce management and boosts productivity for a leading North American telecom firm

    Predictive Dynamic ETAs

    Stay on top of the movement of your shipments with timely alerts and improve decision-making with reports and analytics. Create and strengthen a responsive cross-border supply chain.

    Alerts and Notifications

    Our real-time transportation visibility system sends accurate real-time alerts, emails, and messages related to load fill, ETA changes, temperature, containers in transit and any activity related to the carrier. Receive a detailed summary of shipments, including the number of containers, the duration of their free time at the port, incurring fees, detention charges, and more.

    Live Dashboard

    A central dashboard offers a bird's eye view to track the real-time movement of cargo shipments. It refreshes automatically at defined intervals with the latest update on shipments and provides critical information like historic vessel routes, containers on vessels, and more.

    Reports and Analytics

    Our RTTVP offers multiple detailed reports related to carriers, shipments, and analytics that help business leaders make faster decisions. Create detailed reports and analyze your data to spot gaps and find improvement opportunities.

    Predictive Dynamic ETAs
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