How Dista Insight Helps QSRs With Spatial Analytics and Location Intelligence

Quick service restaurants (QSR) gain a competitive edge via technology and data-driven methods like real-time geofencing and delivery management software to multiply their customer base. By leveraging Dista Insight, our spatial analytics system, a QSR chain operating multiple outlets at diverse locations can take critical strategic decisions for expansion strategy.

Dista Insight helps QSR with actionable insights to:

  • Visualize – True representation of your geospatial data
  • Analyze – AI/ML-based algorithmic analysis
  • Operationalize – Actionable insights to aid business decisioning

Let’s see how QSRs leverage Dista Insight to win customers and expand their business.

Dista Insight for QSR

1) Visualize Market Expansion Opportunities

Our system helps QSRs visualize their outlet coverage with intuitive heatmaps, reports, and graphs. It identifies gaps in coverage area and overlays Google Maps-based POIs to highlight potential areas for expansion. This helps compare key characteristics of your existing outlets with potential ones. Moreover, enterprise-sourced or third-party data (geotagged) can be added as a layer for better visualization of the area.

2) Customer Profiling

By leveraging location data, QSRs can get a relative sense of consumer footfall patterns between their stores. Analyzing restaurant spending and performance data can also help with deeper analysis. Our system offers historical outlet-wise customer details like orders by order value and frequency of ordering/repeat orders that help identify trends and patterns. Dista Insight also offers metrics into customers served, and insights into SLA adherence at store level for performance improvement. QSRs can identify the potential market size of their target customers by incorporating audience modeling into the data.

3) Performance Analysis

With Dista Insight, QSRs can get an overall view of how an individual outlet performs. Store managers and operations teams can access vital statistics like transaction volumes, order density, value, repeat orders, and more. This helps them identify gaps and take actions for better performance. Furthermore, QSRs can gain insight into tradezone performance with drill down into order distribution, and active tradezones. Our AI/ML-based system leverages location data to map competitors and analyze and compare their trends to understand how they perform in the QSR marketplace.

4) Customer Profiling and Targeted Marketing

Dista Insight can identify areas for promotional campaigns based on economic class, area type, footfall, nearby POIs, etc. Quick service restaurants can expand business by identifying location intelligence into order and store mapping, order heat maps, and customer density and connecting these insights to your marketing automation software. QSR marketers can garner these consumer insights with the data to deliver tailored messages, exclusive offers, and discounts and refine their loyalty programs.

Final Thoughts

Armed with vital insights, QSRs can leverage relevant consumer trends and fine-tune their marketing and media strategies to implement successful campaigns. Are you looking for spatial analytics software to improve your QSRs business operations? Get in touch with us to see Dista Insight in action.