Dista Turns 3! Celebrates Foundation Day With Google Cloud Execs

Dista turns 3!

We celebrated the third anniversary of our foundation day on January 6, 2024. Our AI-enabled location intelligence platform started operation as an independent company in 2021. This year, we took the foundation day up a notch with an elaborate celebration spread across the week.

Here’s how DISTANs celebrated the Foundation Day week in our office.

Foundation Day Week

We started the new year by dressing up every day for a week based on themes like twinning, retro, bollywood, and others. DISTANs raided their cupboards for Retro Day to dress up as famous characters from old and new Bollywood movies. Embracing their traditions, the team adorned traditional attires showcasing their culture for Traditional Day.

DISTANs put on their creative hats and displayed their goofy side by mixing up their outfits to celebrate Mismatch Day, and they matched outfits with their colleagues for Twinning Day.

Throughout the week, we hosted fun games (there was even a flash mob on the floor) and quizzes for DISTANs, while the highlight was a superb Treasure Hunt where eight teams competed to solve complex clues – all around Dista and location intelligence.

Foundation Day Week

Google Execs Visit Dista Office

We had the privilege of hosting three Google Cloud executives at our office in Pune. They had engaging conversations with our talented team of developers and executives on various topics, from the role of generative AI to innovation in location intelligence.

The Dista Walls

Our super-talented design team put hours of work into designing two walls in our experience center that showcase Dista’s product offering and depict our timeline since our inception. Google Cloud officials unveiled the wall and congratulated the designers for their brilliant work.

Google Execs Visit Dista Office

Foundation Day Gala Night

We had a fantastic gala dinner on the night of Foundation Day. Dista’s leadership team, DISTANs, and Google Cloud executives came together to toast our day of foundation.

The event started with Dista’s CEO and Co-founder, Shishir Gokhale’s address, who spoke briefly on our organization’s journey since its inception. He walked us along memory lane and highlighted milestones and key achievements from onboarding the first customer to having a new office in the US.

Key Announcements

Shishir Gokhale officially announced two big wins for Dista.

Dista strengthened its IP portfolio by bagging its second patent for its AI/ML-powered location intelligent clustering method and system.

Dista Sales, our AI-powered field sales management software, is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Shishir Gokhale, CEO and Co-founder, said, “2023 was a remarkable year for Dista with achievements and big wins. We are geared up for an exciting 2024. Grateful for the hard work and dedication of DISTANs who made this possible. This year, our focus is to become the de-facto location intelligence platform – globally.

Dinner and Dance

DISTANs were dressed for the night and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. They put on their party hats to end the fantastic night.