MediaAgility announces the launch of Dista, a Location Intelligence Platform

Princeton, NJ: MediaAgility announces the launch of Dista – a location intelligence platform. The platform can be customized with pick-and-choose modules to solve a string of operational challenges across multiple domains. The platform can help businesses to automate job scheduling, tracking of fleet and agents, sales routing, field force, customer conversations and more.

Dista is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘positioning’ or ‘goal’, and it offers a unique, centralized operational solution powered by Google Maps and Google Cloud. Dista leverages a series of APIs like – Locators, Grid Definition & Management, Cockpit & Dashboards, Scheduling Algorithms, Route Optimizer, Asset Tracking, and other APIs to increase operational efficiency of businesses.

Dista shifts all operations that were previously done on separate platforms to one centralized platform with the following features :–

  • Secure, hierarchy-based access
  • Dynamic, real-time planning, coordination, and execution
  • Transparent operations
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Notifications & SOS
  • Cloud-based, customizable reporting
  • Map-based visualizations & dashboards
  • Instant insights
  • Business branding, compliant, and secure

“I am amazed at the possibilities with Location Intelligence – how it can transform the way businesses are run across any industry – and Dista can do this very simply!”

Shishir Gokhale, Partner at MediaAgility

Dista products cater to several use cases for the following industries :–

  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Logistics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Retail & eCommerce-
  • Manufacturing & FMCG
  • BFSI
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Cities