A Sneak Peek Into Dista Direction 2022 – Annual Strategy Review

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion” – Lee Bolman.

The executive and the leadership team at Dista recently concluded Dista Direction – our annual strategy review at Pune, India. Dista Direction is a focused effort on reviewing our yearly strategy and acceleration toward our vision of 2b1B –

● 1 Billion people touched

● 1 Billion experiences provided

● 1 Billion value for stakeholders

At Dista Direction 2022, our senior leadership team shared crucial insights, ideas, and a plan of action to execute a robust strategy for FY 2022-23. Moreover, team leaders from various functions came together to discuss their achievements and set their goals and strategy for the upcoming year.

“2022 is the year of product focus for all of us at Dista. We are making a conscious commitment to launch a global, customer-centric product strategy. The theme for this year’s Dista Direction was to bring in a razor-sharp product focus across all our functions”, said Shishir Gokhale, CEO and Co-founder.

Here’s a sneak peek into our commitment towards 2b1B this year.

Product and Marketing

Nishant Kumar, CPO and Co-founder, presented the product roadmap for the year. This included high-level product prioritization and direction setting for GTM teams.

Ashutosh Sengar along with Ajay Nimbalkar, and Somaskandan Agneeswaran, talked about sales and marketing alignment and investments to take our products to market in the U.S., Australia, India, and LATAM markets.


Deepak Garg, CTO and Co-founder, provided a walkthrough of new features, innovations, and updates introduced recently. He also gave an overview of upcoming goals and what to expect from the engineering teams this year.

Customer Experience

Giving insights about the customer experience and support team, Rajesh Patil, talked about focusing on customer delight and how their single focus will be a rapid turnaround to customer support.


Aashutosh Kulkarni, highlighted the updates related to the user-centric design approach and revamped UI based on productization. He also shared the UX roadmap for 2025 that includes expanding product horizons, focusing on continuous improvement programs, etc.

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People Experience

Chinmoy Bhagwat, shared his mission for the company – Making DISTANs feel SPECIAL. He also spoke about the fantastic talent acquisition efforts that substantially increased our team strength. Chinmoy shared his vision of further enhancing the office culture, improving diversity, and strengthening Dista policies for a wholesome employee experience.

Conversation with Women of Dista

Vidushi Bhatia, who joined us recently, interacted with Women of Dista and had engaging conversations around building a community of strong women of Dista. She seconded Dista’s vision of creating the next generation of women leaders and challenged our women employees to take ownership and pride in their work.

The week ended with team dinners full of delicious food and fun conversations.