Scheduling and Dispatch

Assign the right technician to the right job with AI-powered auto-scheduling. Allocate jobs with multiple parameters like skillset, proximity, priority, availability and more.

Dynamic Route Planning

Guide and track your field workforce through fast, safe, and efficient routes. Reduce travel time and distance traveled and maintain fuel costs with accurate route planning.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Set, measure, and analyze key service KPIs and metrics across territories with custom dashboards. Get in-depth and relevant location-powered insights for informed business decisions.

Service Territory Planning

Create, view, and analyze service areas to streamline work order scheduling and technician utilization. Visualize field ops and add custom data layers for connected insights.

Role-based Access

Define org hierarchy and streamline approval cycle. Enable access control to ensure strict compliance. Allow members to share relevant data with relevant functions and managers.

Geo-fenced Field Monitoring

Set geofencing triggers for service technicians for their serviceable areas. Send alerts to back office staff when the technician visits those areas.

Contextual Nudges

Offer AI/ML-based recommendations to service reps and help them with the next-best action. Increase job engagement and boost technician productivity with contextual alerts.


Empower service technicians to do more with the mobile app. Streamline tasks, access customer data, collaborate seamlessly and collect disposition on the go.

Knowledge Hub

Develop and update an internal knowledge hub to enable smooth servicing. Offer articles, instructional manuals for faster service resolution and better customer service.

Easy Configurability

Highly customizable software with multiple configurations available by hierarchy, geography, team and service technicians. Set flexible workflows as per your business process to empower your service organizations.