Auto Lead Allocation

Auto-assign leads based on skill sets, proximity, priority, and capacity. Allocate and prioritize leads based on location-driven lead volume, campaigns, and potential.

Scheduling and Route Planning

Guide and track field sales teams through the fastest, safest, and shortest routes. Leverage dynamic scheduling and route optimization to streamline sales visit frequency.

Field Force Management

View prospect portfolios before meetings and capture notes on the go. Managers can track and monitor sales reps’ daily in-field activities via a central dashboard.

Map Sales Territories

Define and assign territories based on sales area coverage and lead clusters. Plot customers and prospects on a map for deeper visualization.

Beat Planning

Create an intelligent beat plan to optimize sales visits, prioritize high-growth prospects, and avoid territory overlap. Combine and sequence sales visits by location to reduce travel time and costs.

Track Sales Performance

Get sales performance insights by individual, team, region, geo-hierarchy, and more. Utilize role-based custom dashboards with drilled-down analysis for deeper insights.

Sales Forecasting

Design data-driven sales forecasts for quick revenue projections. Identify and evaluate pipeline risks and guide sales reps accordingly.

Track End-to-End Sales Activity

Track sales activities like attendance, TAT, SLA, deal progression, visit outcomes, and more. Automate sales activity capturing to ensure sales teams’ focus on selling.

Smart Nudges & Notifications

Recommend next-best actions to sales reps via real-time contextual alerts and reminders. Close more deals and improve lead actioning with timely notifications.

Leave Management

Manage PTO, leaves, regularization, and holidays from a single platform.

Share Sales Collateral On-the-Go

Empower sales reps to pitch the right product to the right customer. Leverage the field sales app for instant information sharing.

Sales Gamification

Create leaderboards to ensure accountability and reward top performers. Recognize sales reps based on deal acceleration, prospect interactions, and boost performance. 

Quota Management

Set quotas and targets across regions, hierarchy, reps, accounts, sales potential, and more. Track achievement and guide sales reps with the right coaching.

One-tap Calling

Improve communication with all stakeholders – customers, prospects, and managers- via the mobile field sales app with one-tap calling.

Contract Management

Auto-populate and share proposals with prospects to close deals faster. Track and manage contracts and renewals to get a 360-degree account view.

Address Cleansing

Turn your text addresses into meaningful spatial databases. Save time and reduce operational costs with accurate, verified addresses. 

Uncover Hidden Demand

Spot location-driven patterns and trends to identify growth opportunities. Optimize resource allocation to focus on high-growth regions.