NBFC Major Leverages Dista For Seamless Deliveries of EMI Cards


The customer is a leading Non-banking Finance Company (NBFC) that helps people with personal finance assistance to buy electronic goods on EMIs with their EMI cards.


The organization needed a system to deliver EMI network cards to its customers. They were looking for a way to digitize and improve the customer verification process while delivering the EMI card. The company was relying on manual methods to collect customer information at the time of deliveries resulting in heavy paperwork.


  • Dista’s AI-enabled location intelligence system geo-tagged EMI card deliveries by dealers to customer location.

  • Our AI-ML-based algorithmic analysis offered trends and patterns to recommend serviceable areas and territory definitions based on the data of card deliveries.

  • The delivery executive captured proof of delivery and customer documents like ID proof, address proof, etc., via the dedicated app, thereby reducing paperwork.

  • The executives delivered EMI credit cards after validating the customer’s identity via OTP.

Value Delivered

  • Seamless delivery management

  • Authenticated deliveries via OTP handshake

  • Improved customer satisfaction with faster and efficient delivery

  • Reduced fuels costs owing to lesser route deviations


  • Geo-tagging deliveries to customers helped the NBFC mitigate the risk of incorrect card deliveries.

  • Managers received real-time visibility on the delivery agents and could monitor their audit trails.

  • Map-based route optimization improved delivery time and efficiency thereby improving customer experience.

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