Leading Bank Accelerates Customer Acquisition Through Dista’s Field Sales Management Software

A leading private sector bank in India was managing the entire lead funnel activity of its personal loans department manually on excel sheets. There was constant back and forth communication across all levels. This resulted in several cases of miscommunication and delayed responses.

For its personal loans department, the client was looking to build more visibility into its lead management funnel. They implemented the Dista field sales management solution to automate and optimize the efficiency of their field workforce through real-time tracking.

Solution Highlights

  • Automated lead management for 900+ reps and 2300 jobs/day

  • Intuitive lead dashboards with real-time insights and customer profiling

  • Smart scheduling based on stickiness, time slot, availability and more

  • Geo-fencing based alerts for attendance and monitoring

  • Paperless processing and document capture

  • Analytics for zone rankings and best performers