Leading Home Finance Firm Improves Lead Management and Field Tracking With Dista


The home finance organization aims to provide easy home loan access to people in the lower and middle-income categories. It needed a better system to manage its lead tracking process and get complete real-time visibility of its field agents.


The organization was looking for a better system to manage paperwork as manual handling of documents resulted in data loss. Supervisors needed a way to track the performance of field agents owing to a lack of real-time visibility of their daily activities. Manual allocation and management of leads led to an increase in the volume of missed leads.


  • Facilitated lead allocation based on priority, proximity, skill, and availability

  • Provided three separate dashboards for sales, inspection, and collection

  • Improved productivity with real-time tracking of field executives

  • Dedicated app for field agents enhanced communication

  • Provided various reports, including attendance, expense, productivity, conveyance, and more

  • Developed an attendance module to consolidate monthly attendance of team members for payroll


  • Identifying deviations in route using geofencing alerts

  • Expand to the untapped potential markets

  • Improve beat planning and survey procedure

  • Scalable growth with faster disbursals and timely collections 

Value delivered

  • Over 200 field agents managed

  • More than 5,000 leads managed monthly

  • Expanded to untapped market with pincode-based trade zone definition

  • Reduced paperwork by 70%