Edtech Major Streamlines its Employee Transport Management With Dista


The online learning platform was looking to arrange transport for its employees to ensure their convenience and safety. It also wanted to provide cab services for night shift employees by taking necessary security measures. As the company was running multiple shifts from multiple locations, it wanted to streamline employee management via a single platform.

Edtech Employee Transport Management


The organization was manually preparing the rosters for its employees’ daily commutes. Creating pick-up and drop-off rosters based on daily ride requests was cumbersome. There was no way for employees to track the driver’s live location resulting in their travel anxiety. Moreover, a lack of a system to calculate and verify the distance traveled by the driver led to higher fuel costs.


Dedicated apps for drivers, employees, and managers facilitated a hassle-free commute for all the stakeholders. Let’s see how Dista’s employee transport management system helped the organization streamline and automate rides for its employees.


  • End-to-end ride management for employees from their home location to the office.

  • Employees could request, cancel, update, and view their rides from the app.

  • They could track the driver’s live location and ETA, which reduced their travel anxiety.

  • In case of a female employee with first pick or last drop off, the system appointed a security guard for safety reasons.


  • Dista’s smart scheduling engine triggered at a particular time daily and facilitated trip creation, vehicle assignments, and pick-up and drop-off sequencing.

  • Employee details were added to the Dista system via a bulk upload or an API integration with the HRM system.

  • A dashboard offered critical information about riders, drivers, vehicle lists, and scheduled ride request timelines.

  • Managers could assign vehicles to routes and guards for trips in case of a night shift.


  • Drivers could view rides assigned with details like employee name, location, and time.

  • They could update the ride status following a pick-up or drop-off or if the employee fails to show up.

  • The system also offered route optimization for drivers for effective and efficient ride management.

Value Delivered

  • Nearly 250 unique employees use the app monthly

  • Reduced fuel costs


  • Eliminated the manual process of scheduling and requesting rides

  • Transparency about distance traveled and trips completed

  • Reports provide crucial details like trip-wise total distance traveled, audit trail of rides, and wait time for employee pick-up

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