Leading NBFC Orchestrates Debt Collection Process With Dista


A leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) provides various financial products and services across rural, housing, and infrastructure. The company offers micro-loans to people in rural areas in groups and aims to empower them to start their businesses. It has a large fleet of Frontline Sales Officers (FLO) that manage customer debt collection.


  • The firm needed a system to sequence daily visits for FLOs to meet multiple groups of people in rural villages for debt collection.

  • There was no way to track, calculate, or verify the distance traveled by FLOs for collection rounds.

  • FLOs were taking longer routes for their visits, thereby increasing the cost of fuel and limiting the number of visits in a day.

  • Managers needed more visibility on FLOs and a way to track and manage their daily activities.


  • By leveraging Dista, the NBFC firm sequenced visits for FLOs that helped them plan their day and complete visits efficiently.

  • After collecting debt from multiple groups, FLOs deposited the cash in the nearest bank or deposit center, which is suggested by the Dista system based on their live location.

  • The Dista app offered FLOs with customer details and the amount to be collected from scheduled visits. They could also call customers with the one-tap calling button via the app.

Value Delivered

  • Managed more than 10,000 FLOs pan-India

  • Reduced fuel costs owing to route optimization

  • Streamlined sequencing of daily jobs for FLOs

  • Improved FLO productivity


  • Managers and back office reps got better visibility of the live location of FLOs

  • The Dista app offered FLOs a map view that shows the status of debt collection for individual groups

  • Our location intelligence platform provided transparency in the distance traveled by FLOs