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The consumer goods leader sought a centralized system to manage their sales and service processes. The organization wanted to improve the overall planning and scheduling of tasks as it struggled with rigid workflow configurations. It relied on old functionalities for customer grading and feedback and several other crucial functions.


The organization relied on legacy systems to run its sales and service functions leading to poor productivity and customer service. It didn’t leverage the location parameter resulting in limited visibility on the sales and service agents.


Dista created a centralized platform that provided hybrid and dedicated mobile apps for sales and service field executives.

Dista Service

  • Real-time dynamic task scheduling improved work order management while route optimization reduced travel time and distance

  • Auto and manual allocation of jobs depending on skillset, capacity, availability, and proximity

  • Real-time visibility of the location of field technicians and customers by geofencing and geo-tagging their activities

  • Customized dashboards offered a bird’s eye view of ongoing tasks

Dista Sales

  • In-field app notifications and contextual nudges help sales executives reach customers first and boost lead engagement

  • Transparent field operations with visibility on field sales officer activities with a dashboard view of audit trails

  • Optimize sales resources to expand geographical coverage

  • Analyze regions to take proactive measures and boost conversions

  • Analytics and insights on customers, conversion metrics, agent performance, etc.


  • Role-based access to gig workers to improve compliance and protect sensitive information

  • Motivate executives to perform with gamification

  • Supervisors can track team performance and audit trails and fraud checks for actual visit vs. planned visit
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Sangeetha Mobiles

“By leveraging Dista Delivery, we are delivering over 2,000 orders/month across 700 stores. Their system helped our store managers get real-time visibility on delivery execs and enabled them to allocate orders automatically.”

Anirban Chakraborti

Anirban Chakraborti

Head of Digital, Sangeetha Mobiles

Wellness Forever

“Dista Deliver enabled us to orchestrate our complex hyperlocal delivery ops. We leveraged their robust hybrid model for 600+ self and DaaS riders. They helped us fulfill over 1.2 lakh orders/month pan India across 300 stores.”

Anirban Chakraborti

Anirban Chakraborti

E-business and Omnichannel Platforms Head, Wellness Forever