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The consumer goods leader sought a centralized system to manage their sales and service processes. The organization wanted to improve the overall planning and scheduling of tasks as it struggled with rigid workflow configurations. It relied on old functionalities for customer grading and feedback and several other crucial functions.

Microfinance CS


The organization relied on legacy systems to run its sales and service functions leading to poor productivity and customer service. It didn’t leverage the location parameter resulting in limited visibility on the sales and service agents.


Dista created a centralized platform that provided hybrid and dedicated mobile apps for sales and service field executives.

Value delivered

  • Over 7,000 field agents managed
  • Supervisor dashboard for seamless monitoring
  • Tracking of daily distance traveled and daily expenses
  • Scalable growth with faster disbursals and timely collections


  • Real-time visibility of the field agents
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Provided geofencing alerts to supervisors
  • Helped to identify deviations in route
  • Accuracy in recording the daily distance traveled

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