Employee Transport Management

Ensure a Hassle-free and Safe Employee Commute

Simplify and Automate your Transport Ops with Dista’s Employee Transport Management Software.

Intelligent and Optimized Route Planning

Deliver a smarter and faster commute experience for your employees with our all-in-one location-based transport management system.

Empower Employees

Reduce employee anxiety and empower them with a dedicated mobile app to edit, book, cancel rides, and communicate with drivers.

Auto ride allocation

Dista’s smart scheduling engine assigns drivers to improve pick-up and drop-off sequencing. Inbuilt route optimization to avoid delays, inaccurate pick-up/drop-off, no-shows, etc.

Automate rostering and billing

Say goodbye to manual rostering and automate trip creation and vehicle assignments. Record transactions digitally and generate bills which helps identify discrepancies and cost leakages.

Get Intelligent Route Plans with Dista's Employee Transport Management System
[Case Study] Edtech major streamlines its employee transport management with Dista

Live Location Tracking

Get transparency on distance traveled by drivers and improve vehicle utilization. Focus on overall employee safety and monitor driver behavior.

Live tracking and ETA

Employees can track driver movement in real-time along and get ETA information for a smoother commute. Back office reps and managers also get visibility on drivers.

Native Driver App

Drivers get notifications whenever trips are assigned to them. Connected real-time progress of the journey and all the pick-up and drops assigned for the day.

Safety and Security

Analyze driver behavior patterns, overspeeding, and route deviations with geofencing alerts. Our software also offers SOS alerts for additional employee safety.

Get Live Location of the Rides with Dista's Employee Transport Management Software
[Case Study] Dista streamlines employee transportation service for a leading manufacturing firm


Browse our FAQs section to know more about our employee transport management software and how it can contribute to your success.

Still have questions ?​

Employees can use the dedicated mobile app to edit, book, and cancel rides. They can also instantly communicate with drivers, reducing anxiety and offering a smoother commuting experience.

Our intelligent scheduling engine automatically assigns drivers to optimize pick-up and drop-off sequencing based on employee location and other factors. It leverages route optimization to align pick-up/drop-offs by location to schedule rides efficiently.

Yes. Dista’s system eliminates manual rostering by automating trip creation and vehicle assignments. It records transactions digitally and generates bills that help identify discrepancies and cost leakages efficiently.

Dista’s transport management system offers live location tracking and transparency on driver movement. It also monitors driver behavior, speed violations, unwanted stops, and other factors to improve employee safety.

Yes. Using live tracking, employees can get real-time driver updates and receive ETA information to plan a smoother commute. Back office representatives and managers also gain visibility on drivers, enhancing overall operational visibility into employee transport systems.