Dista Rolls Out Nudge Notification Feature for Its Mobile App

Dista has rolled out a new Nudge feature for its mobile app in its latest update. The feature sends smart notifications to field agents on the road to complete their tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Need for Nudge

Organizations with a field force aim to get the best out of their field agents to achieve better business outcomes. This requires a combination of the system recommending the best actions in the field, communicating effectively and promptly to the field agent, and finally, the field agent executing them. Companies need systems to enable the first two steps, and that is where the nudge framework fits in.

What is Nudge?

A nudge is a contextual push notification that is aimed at deriving action from receivers. It is generated by the system based on various parameters that are of interest to the business. These parameters can be a combination of multiple factors like location, business rules, time period, and others, which are clubbed together to create Nudge. As the name suggests, the system “nudges” (prompts or guides) field executives to make smarter behavioral decisions. It aims to keep them engaged on the field to complete more tasks and offers them the extra push to finish if there are any tasks left pending.

Business Use Cases for Nudges

The Dista app will enable managers to configure the system to send customized notifications to field agents depending on the tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the business cases where Nudges can be applied.

Bank managers can send Nudge to sales officers via the Dista app about a follow up with a customer pending for over a week. They can select the time and categorize the task’s importance (high priority-low priority) while sending it.

A prompt can be sent to the field agent if the bank account is not opened for a customer within the expected time frame. Managers can schedule to send Nudge to the agents at the start of the day and mention the customer’s name and details. It will also remind them to finish pending tasks at the earliest.

Along with the field agents, companies can send Nudges to their sales executive or a regional manager if sales in their areas are decreasing for the past few days. This can help the sales managers take necessary action.

If a new training module is assigned to sales executives, they will get a real-time message informing them to finish the training by a particular date.

The latest feature will also send a reminder to agents to log their daily check-in and check-out timings.

How Does Nudge Work?

Customers from various industries using Dista’s app to manage their field and delivery services can use Nudge to garner the desired action from their agents on the field. For example, a company from the BFSI sector has several recovery agents and other bank representatives on the field on a daily basis. With the latest update, managers can send a notification to agents, prompting them about a nearby task or an additional assignment they can finish while they are in a particular area.

Managers can decide the business case for the type of action they want to assign to their agents with Nudge to derive the desired activity. One of India’s top private banks is actively using this system for their current account business to help bank authorities optimize communication and improve the performance of their field executives.

Companies can even incentivize their field executives by attracting them to finish a specific number of tasks in return for additional perks and benefits. This is a great way to keep on-field agents motivated and interested in their assigned tasks. Moreover, it also creates a competitive environment amongst them that can result in better performance.

Knowing the exact location of the field agent helps businesses track assets more efficiently. This also allows them to plan for contingencies and possible delays that could affect their last mile deliveries.

Final Thoughts

Nudge is more than just a push notification as it prompts executives to use contextual information and deliver desired results. It is essential to ensure that a notification inspires the field agent to take the necessary action. Boosting the scale and speed of Nudges makes them a crucial tool for driving efficiency in organizations of any size.

The latest update of the Nudge feature in the Dista app will help all organizations from several sectors like BFSI, Pharma, Retail, and QSRs, among others, to enhance their field operations.