Standardize, Cleanse, & Verify Customer Addresses

Ready Your Unstructured Geo-data for Location Intelligence

    Trusted By Leading Brands
    Facilitate Seamless Data Cleansing

    Having a uniform address is the backbone of applying location intelligence. Leverage Dista’s address verification solution to enable deliveries, service requests actioning, or simply maintaining data in your CRM.

    Eliminate Invalid Data

    Customers, agents, or third-party agencies typically enter data in the system with inconsistent format. Our system removes inconsistent addresses, unwanted data pieces, and incorrect spellings from the current database.

    Facilitate Reverse Geocoding

    Our system captures the lat/long, formatted address and pin codes with reverse geocoding. It determines whether the address is in the given pincode and classifies them into rural or metro regions.

    Save Hours and Improve Productivity

    Leverage Dista’s AI-powered platform to convert text addresses to a spatial database. Improve productivity by saving hours looking through text addresses.

    Improve Strategic Decisions

    Take the output of multiple mapping providers to calculate the final confidence level and decide on valid/invalid/ambiguous addresses. These scores form a critical base for intelligence.

    Confidence Scores

    Leverage Dista's 'Confidence Score' for cleansed addresses as our algorithms convert your inconsistent zip codes, pin codes, and customer addresses into structured, formatted data. You can even classify addresses for rural/urban or other business categories.

    An NBFC Major Verifies Addresses and Pin Codes for Delinquent Customers With Dista